Drones for Thermal Imaging

Drones equipped with industrial grade thermal imaging cameras with a sensitivity of 0.05°C provide the ability to perform preventative maintenance on key assets with minimal downtime.

drone thermography

Trained Thermographers

Thermography is more than just turning on a thermal camera. Proper testing methodologies and reporting are key, we work with trained thermographers who are certified up the Level III.

inspection drone

Detect Anomalies

Drones can be used to identify failing components and perform preventative maintenance by performing scheduled inspections and detecting defects before they manifest as faults.

inspection drone


Quickly and efficiently capture close proximity data. Our technology is non-invasive, non-contact and non-destructive. Reducing time, cost and improving health and safety.

thermal imaging drones

Thermal Imaging Drones

Our drones are equipped with Workswell FLIR Tau2 640 Cores and capture full radiometric images - the differentiator between a thermal view and performing technical analysis.

Industies & Enterprise Assets

Effective management of your companies assets should be performed systematically. We have developed our enterprise services to work in parallel with traditional methods to bring cost efficiencies to the systematic deployment and maintenance and lifecycle management of key assets.

Aerial thermal imaging provides a unique way to perform preventative maintenance on assets to gain an insight into their performance and to help detect failing components before the problem manifests itself resulting in downtime or expensive replacement programs.

Key industries which can benefit from large scale aerial thermal imaging programs include renewable energy - solar PV (photovoltaicvoltaic) farms & wind turbines, electricity distribution lines, cell towers & radio masts, building energy conservation projects and industrial factories and pipelines.

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