Drones for Precision Agriculture

Next generation farmers & agronomists are utilising new technology & services to make informed decisions from preparation stages right through to harvest. In the process, improving overall efficiency, yields and increasing profits.

drone data capture

NDVI Drones

NDVI is a Precision Agriculture Technology. It is a graphical indicator that can be used to index photosynthetic activity. Indices are based on the fact that different surfaces reflect different types of light.

geo map drone

Detect Anomalies

Identify disease, pests, irrigation and fertilisers to determine exactly where resources are needed. Drones with NDVI or Thermal cameras can detect water, highlight vegetation stress and an excellent way monitor overall health.

ndvi drone

Accurate and Automated

Cover a large area in a short amount of time, GPS flight controller technology follows pre-planned waypoints. This technology is non-invasive, non-contact and non-destructive. All images are geo-referenced for post processing.

ndvi drone

Cloud Data

The data we capture is processed harnessing the power of the cloud. Get images, maps, videos, surveys and reports all via our customer cloud portal to any connected device, anywhere at any time. Use this data to plan and forecast.

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