Drones for Construction and Infrastructure

Aerial photography is one of the latest tools for construction projects providing mapping, surveys, inspections, progress reports and marketing material.

inspection drone


Quickly and efficiently capture close proximity data. Our technology is non-invasive, non-contact and non-destructive. Reducing time, cost and improving health and safety.

survey drone


Quickly cover large areas using GPS waypoints. We can generate high ground resolution orthomosaics (1cm2/pixel), digital elevation models, CAD models, information for GIS systems and more.

inspection survey mapping drone

3D Modelling

We are able to generate highly detailed and accurately scaled 3D models. Sophisticated models allow photogrammetry techniques to capture measurements and estimate the volume of areas.

drone cloud data

Cloud Data

The data we capture is processed harnessing the power of the cloud. Get images, models, videos and surveys all via our customer cloud portal to any connected device, anywhere at any time.

Applications and Projects

Drones are providing new ways to bring big data into construction, architecture and engineering projects. Detailed 3D models can be generated from geo-referenced photographs and then used to take accurate measurements, where before expensive laser modelling would be required and may not be able to capture the whole site.

We can provide a full service through the planning, development and marketing phases for big projects, detailed aerial maps can be shared to surveyors, project managers and foremen giving an accurate and up to date aerial view of the site all delivered to a mobile device in their pocket. Our in-house cloud portal allows users to tag markers on the map and these are instantly visible to other users.

From a marketing perspective we can provide aerial video and images of the site's progression for project sponsors and stakeholders. Once works are complete we can provide super smooth cinematic videos of the project for social media and other marketing channels.

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