Aerial Drones for Cinematography and Photography

Unleash creativity with aerial camera platforms, drones are the next evolution of cinematic storytelling.

drone cinematography

Aerial Cinematography

Drones provide a fresh approach to aerial video, we can replace traditional cranes and dollies with ultra-high definition 4K cameras mounted on gyro stabilised gimbals to deliver super smooth, flawless, epic, cinematic scenes.

drone perspective

Agility & Perspective

Our highly skilled pilots can deliver close range proximity & fast moving action as well as panoramic, high altitude shots in both urban and rural locations. We can be up and flying in minutes from almost any location.

drone technology

Drone Technology

Our go-to platform is the DJI S900 equipped with the superb Lumix GH4 camera & Olympus 12mm lens. We also love our lightweight DJI Inspire X5 and Phantom 3 Pro. Ground stations provide a live real-time HD video feed.

drone production

Post Production

At Peek we offer a premium post-production service, our skilled creative team use both Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects editing suites to create high impact digital media for marketing and social media.

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